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"Anyone who could make sense of my bouffant is a master,"
says Gary Ginsberg, News Corp's head of
corporate communications.
Laurent DeLouya

Men and women haircut, specializing in men trending haircut. We are serving the New York City community since 1973. We have seen a lot of trends and a lot of heads! People come from around the world to pay us a visit. Get the cut that fits your personality. “It’s the haircut that suits the man” says Laurent.

We are located just south of the Central Park.

What’s the atmosphere like at La Boîte a Coupe: People talk to each other. Friendly ambiance and easy to relate to each other. You meet people. It’s small, you get a drink, coffee, expresso and sip a wine. “That’s the way the shop is” says Laurent. Headmaster in NYC

Men’s and Women's Hair Cut, Color, Highlights, Spa (pedicure and manicure), Eyebrow Threading, etc. In Manhattan a few steps away from Central Park

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