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Full body wax special - NYC


Pedicure. Manicure. And full body waxing in NYC.

Laurent on Style

When people visit their stylists, sometimes they say they know what they want. Sometimes they want advice. “Some people bring me a picture,” said Laurent. “I’m not afraid to tell them if it is wrong for them.

“My clients expect me to know what to do,” he added. “That is part of the service I provide. I balance the style with the person. I will work with the texture of a person’s hair first before I begin to frame the face. Everything has to work together. For example, a very short cut won’t work for a heavy man.”

The key is to make the cut work with the texture, the person’s physique and his (or her) overall appearance. “If it is done well, you will never have a problem with it,” he added.

Being “Trendy”

“Some people like to be in vogue,” said Laurent. For example, clients may ask for an intentionally messy style because that’s a new trend they’ve seen. “When a person wants a cut that is the current style, that doesn’t mean it is good for them. If it’s not, I won’t do it.” With that insistence on the right style and a great cut for every client, Laurent has built his reputation for excellent service.

Even though messy hair is a current trend, Laurent observed, “We were doing messy hair back in the 1970s,” he said. “We started in 1962. Shoes, pants, hair – everything has been done already. Style constantly evolves.”

Laurent commented that in La Boite a Coupe, “We’re setting trends, not following them.” He described the way that trends originate in the streets. “Certain individuals knew what they wanted and it’s been done well. These people do things out of the ordinary.”

Laurent absorbs these influences. “It’s hard to describe how this happens. It’s feeling what is around you. It’s being able to separate the vulgar and the terrible from something that is done well.” And then in his salon, he and his clients can start a whole new trend of their own. “A good haircut, it makes a person,” he concluded.

A Special Offer on Laurent’s Styling Products

So you can get the same styling results at home as at La Boite a Coupe, Laurent offers a 20% discount on purchases of three of his styling products. Shipping within New York State is free. Choose from A Hairdresser’s Gomme, the most versatile styling gel on the market, Shampoo E for everyday use, Eva Leave-in Conditioner for weightless conditioning or chose from the six other products featured on the website. To see the products, visit https://laboiteacoupe.com/shop. Then call the salon at 212-246-2097 and mention the discount for your savings.

Laurent on Chamomile, Apple Cider Vinegar and More

When Laurent talks about chamomile and apple cider vinegar, he’s not talking about lunch. He’s talking about natural therapy for hair and skin.

“Many of my clients shampoo their hair too often,” he said. “It’s not healthy to wash it every day because it will dry out your hair and strip away too much of your natural oils.” When the natural oils of your hair are removed too thoroughly, hair becomes dry and brittle. Your scalp can become dry and irritated and hair may break off.

That brings us to the apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar will correct the pH of your hair and skin, leaving them healthier. Hair will be shinier and easier to handle. “You probably won’t have to wash it for two days,” he said.

Laurent’s advice: Use apple cider vinegar during the last rinse of your hair. Mix the vinegar half and half with water and pour it over your hair. If you’re in the shower, let the mixture run over your body as well. Rinse your hair and/or body quickly after you pour the vinegar mixture over it.

Chamomile Plus Lemon and Eggs, Too

“Rinsing your hair with cold water adds shine. And the acids of lemon juice are good for cleaning your hair,” he continued. “Rub the scalp with a lemon and then rinse with cold water. If it feels too strong, use less lemon next time. Everyone’s skin and scalp will react differently to lemon juice and oils.”

Laurent also recommends chamomile, the small yellow flowers used in many types of tea. “Make a tea from it and drink it or put the flowers in your bath,” he said. “It will calm you down. In the bath, the fragrance will relax you.”

He even advised the use of eggs on hair. “Use the yolk as a shampoo. It’s a good conditioner and can be used all the time. The pure proteins are very good to provide balance for the hair.” He recommended not using hot water when putting egg on the hair as it would cook the egg and make it go solid.

Sometimes, the best therapies for skin and hair are the simplest and most traditional!

Introducing: Laurent DeLouya

laurent de louya portraitLaurent really needs no introduction. If you’ve ever been to his salon, La Boîte a Coupe, you’ve most likely noticed Laurent in the midst of the friendly, welcoming world he has created.

Laurent began studying this trade as a young man of 14 in Paris. He had a choice of going to yeshiva to perhaps become a rabbi, or apprenticing to a trade. HIs uncle took him to the best salon in Paris where he began helping out, running errands and cleaning. At the same time, he continued his schooling.

Although he was shy when he first arrived, he adjusted to this new environment and began to learn how to style hair. He quickly took to this trade and developed his own flair for styling. After just two years as an apprentice, he could style hair on a par with any of the other stylists.

He soon realized that his customers needed something new in their lives, not just a haircut. They needed to refine their own styles. As Laurent had learned about style from his father, a tailor, he was ready to help them develop a new image that would include a new hairstyle. “The son of a tailor must be fashionable,” he said. “I could feel what they needed – I sensed it before they even knew what they wanted.”

From Paris, Laurent transferred his talents to New York City. Forty years later, Laurent has attracted a team of stylists and staff that make everyone feel welcome. Clients feel more like family and wouldn’t think of letting any one else touch their hair unless they were stranded out of state or out of the country.

From fathers to sons, the tradition of relying on Laurent not just for hairstyling but also for advice on style and fashion continues. Helping him create this relaxing and welcoming atmosphere are Renata, a stylist at the salon for more than 20 years, and Eva, Laurent’s daughter and manager of La Boîte a Coupe. Together, all the staff at La Boîte a Coupe are committed to maintaining this agreeable island of style and friendship in the heart of Manhattan.

Introducing: Renata Voronovskya

Renata has been a treasured part of La Boîte à Coupe for more than twenty years. Renata came from Moldova where hairdressers were not highly respected and her parents wanted her to be a teacher. So she became certified as an educator and taught elementary school. She never forgot her love of styling hair and when she came to America in her early twenties, she quickly gravitated to Laurent’s salon. About their first interview, Laurent said, “I could see that she wanted to be there very much.” With her passion and hard work, she was soon creating magic for Manhattanites of all ages.

“I’d known since I was twelve years old that I wanted to be a hairstylist. I loved hair and fashion,” she said. “But I wanted to make my parents happy so I started teaching. But now I can indulge in my passion for hairstyling. I have the power to change people’s lives by giving them a perfect cut,” she continued. “A great cut can make you feel twenty years younger.”

Renata prefers to give her clients a natural, unfussy look, one that suits their lifestyles. She loves to design the exact cut and coloring to complement the client’s appearance and enhance their innate style. “A good haircut should be easy to work with, work well with the hair’s texture and be able to be styled in the time the client wants to devote to it. I have a good vision for what a client will like and what will look beautiful on them.”

Renata Voronovskya, HairdresserWhile her parents didn’t initially understand her interest in fashion and hairstyling, she still learned a valuable lesson on style from her father. “My father taught me that if your hair and shoes are a mess, you should go home and change. You can get by with a low-priced dress, but your hair and shoes must be perfect.”

Now, Renata says, her parents are very proud of her. She said, “They told me ‘We didn’t understand your love of hairdressing but now, we’re very happy for you.’”

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Good Afternoon ♥

I am going to give all the men out there a few tips to keep you looking sharp!

Don’t shampoo your hair more than twice a week and to get rid of that oily smell you can use white vinegar. You can also avoid conditioning unless your hair is super dry.