Laurent on Current Trends

Laurent on Current Trends

“Men are wearing their hair longer and women are going shorter,” said Laurent. Qualifying this comment, he explained that it’s usually young men who are opting for longer locks, perhaps over the tops of their shoulders. Older men and men working in conservative businesses are keeping their short hairstyles.

But with women, it’s both the young (under 35) and the older (over 50) women who are now choosing extremely short-cropped hair. “They like short hair because it’s practical. Short hair is so easy to take care of but it can still be quite sophisticated. At the same time, women also want to maintain a feminine look.

“Also, fewer women are coloring their hair these days,” he added.

Laurent then commented on the new trend in salons. The trend of inexpensive salons crowded with customers is dwindling, he explained. “Semi-private shops are becoming more popular and more numerous. With just four or five clients here at a time, we can maintain an intimate atmosphere,” he said.

The semi-private salon is perfect for the client who wants to receive grooming in a calm, comfortable setting with just a few people present. This permits agreeable conversations and networking during the visit if that is desired.

La Boîte a Coupe can also accommodate the client who prefers privacy during their salon services. “Some people don’t wish to be exposed to view while receiving manicures, pedicures, coloring or cuts and we want to make their experience perfect,” he said. Private rooms at La Boîte a Coupe are available on request when scheduling an appointment.

Laurent on Style

When people visit their stylists, sometimes they say they know what they want. Sometimes they want advice. “Some people bring me a picture,” said Laurent. “I’m not afraid to tell them if it is wrong for them.

“My clients expect me to know what to do,” he added. “That is part of the service I provide. I balance the style with the person. I will work with the texture of a person’s hair first before I begin to frame the face. Everything has to work together. For example, a very short cut won’t work for a heavy man.”

The key is to make the cut work with the texture, the person’s physique and his (or her) overall appearance. “If it is done well, you will never have a problem with it,” he added.

Being “Trendy”

“Some people like to be in vogue,” said Laurent. For example, clients may ask for an intentionally messy style because that’s a new trend they’ve seen. “When a person wants a cut that is the current style, that doesn’t mean it is good for them. If it’s not, I won’t do it.” With that insistence on the right style and a great cut for every client, Laurent has built his reputation for excellent service.

Even though messy hair is a current trend, Laurent observed, “We were doing messy hair back in the 1970s,” he said. “We started in 1962. Shoes, pants, hair – everything has been done already. Style constantly evolves.”

Laurent commented that in La Boite a Coupe, “We’re setting trends, not following them.” He described the way that trends originate in the streets. “Certain individuals knew what they wanted and it’s been done well. These people do things out of the ordinary.”

Laurent absorbs these influences. “It’s hard to describe how this happens. It’s feeling what is around you. It’s being able to separate the vulgar and the terrible from something that is done well.” And then in his salon, he and his clients can start a whole new trend of their own. “A good haircut, it makes a person,” he concluded.

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