Introducing: Laurent DeLouya

Introducing: Laurent DeLouya

laurent de louya portraitLaurent really needs no introduction. If you’ve ever been to his salon, La Boîte a Coupe, you’ve most likely noticed Laurent in the midst of the friendly, welcoming world he has created.

Laurent began studying this trade as a young man of 14 in Paris. He had a choice of going to yeshiva to perhaps become a rabbi, or apprenticing to a trade. HIs uncle took him to the best salon in Paris where he began helping out, running errands and cleaning. At the same time, he continued his schooling.

Although he was shy when he first arrived, he adjusted to this new environment and began to learn how to style hair. He quickly took to this trade and developed his own flair for styling. After just two years as an apprentice, he could style hair on a par with any of the other stylists.

He soon realized that his customers needed something new in their lives, not just a haircut. They needed to refine their own styles. As Laurent had learned about style from his father, a tailor, he was ready to help them develop a new image that would include a new hairstyle. “The son of a tailor must be fashionable,” he said. “I could feel what they needed – I sensed it before they even knew what they wanted.”

From Paris, Laurent transferred his talents to New York City. Forty years later, Laurent has attracted a team of stylists and staff that make everyone feel welcome. Clients feel more like family and wouldn’t think of letting any one else touch their hair unless they were stranded out of state or out of the country.

From fathers to sons, the tradition of relying on Laurent not just for hairstyling but also for advice on style and fashion continues. Helping him create this relaxing and welcoming atmosphere are Renata, a stylist at the salon for more than 20 years, and Eva, Laurent’s daughter and manager of La Boîte a Coupe. Together, all the staff at La Boîte a Coupe are committed to maintaining this agreeable island of style and friendship in the heart of Manhattan.