Renata Voronovskya

Introducing: Renata Voronovskya

Renata has been a treasured part of La Boîte à Coupe for more than twenty years. Renata came from Moldova where hairdressers were not highly respected and her parents wanted her to be a teacher. So she became certified as an educator and taught elementary school. She never forgot her love of styling hair and when she came to America in her early twenties, she quickly gravitated to Laurent’s salon. About their first interview, Laurent said, “I could see that she wanted to be there very much.” With her passion and hard work, she was soon creating magic for Manhattanites of all ages.

“I’d known since I was twelve years old that I wanted to be a hairstylist. I loved hair and fashion,” she said. “But I wanted to make my parents happy so I started teaching. But now I can indulge in my passion for hairstyling. I have the power to change people’s lives by giving them a perfect cut,” she continued. “A great cut can make you feel twenty years younger.”

Renata prefers to give her clients a natural, unfussy look, one that suits their lifestyles. She loves to design the exact cut and coloring to complement the client’s appearance and enhance their innate style. “A good haircut should be easy to work with, work well with the hair’s texture and be able to be styled in the time the client wants to devote to it. I have a good vision for what a client will like and what will look beautiful on them.”

Renata Voronovskya, HairdresserWhile her parents didn’t initially understand her interest in fashion and hairstyling, she still learned a valuable lesson on style from her father. “My father taught me that if your hair and shoes are a mess, you should go home and change. You can get by with a low-priced dress, but your hair and shoes must be perfect.”

Now, Renata says, her parents are very proud of her. She said, “They told me ‘We didn’t understand your love of hairdressing but now, we’re very happy for you.’”