Laurent on Chamomile,
Apple Cider Vinegar and More

Laurent on Chamomile, Apple Cider Vinegar and More

When Laurent talks about chamomile and apple cider vinegar, he’s not talking about lunch. He’s talking about natural therapy for hair and skin.

“Many of my clients shampoo their hair too often,” he said. “It’s not healthy to wash it every day because it will dry out your hair and strip away too much of your natural oils.” When the natural oils of your hair are removed too thoroughly, hair becomes dry and brittle. Your scalp can become dry and irritated and hair may break off.

That brings us to the apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar will correct the pH of your hair and skin, leaving them healthier. Hair will be shinier and easier to handle. “You probably won’t have to wash it for two days,” he said.

Laurent’s advice: Use apple cider vinegar during the last rinse of your hair. Mix the vinegar half and half with water and pour it over your hair. If you’re in the shower, let the mixture run over your body as well. Rinse your hair and/or body quickly after you pour the vinegar mixture over it.

Chamomile Plus Lemon and Eggs, Too

“Rinsing your hair with cold water adds shine. And the acids of lemon juice are good for cleaning your hair,” he continued. “Rub the scalp with a lemon and then rinse with cold water. If it feels too strong, use less lemon next time. Everyone’s skin and scalp will react differently to lemon juice and oils.”

Laurent also recommends chamomile, the small yellow flowers used in many types of tea. “Make a tea from it and drink it or put the flowers in your bath,” he said. “It will calm you down. In the bath, the fragrance will relax you.”

He even advised the use of eggs on hair. “Use the yolk as a shampoo. It’s a good conditioner and can be used all the time. The pure proteins are very good to provide balance for the hair.” He recommended not using hot water when putting egg on the hair as it would cook the egg and make it go solid.

Sometimes, the best therapies for skin and hair are the simplest and most traditional!

Good Afternoon ♥

I am going to give all the men out there a few tips to keep you looking sharp!

Don’t shampoo your hair more than twice a week and to get rid of that oily smell you can use white vinegar. You can also avoid conditioning unless your hair is super dry.